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Semiya Payasam | Vermicelli Payasam with Sago

Sago 1 cup
Water 2 cup
Vermicelli 1/2 cup (broken into small pieces)
Milk 2 1/2 cup
Sugar 1 cup
Ghee 3 tablespoon
3 Cardamom pods
Cashew nuts
Soak the sago in water for an hour. Boil it with water. Stir constantly to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pan, until it becomes translucent. Lower the heat and leave it for 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.

Heat the ghee in a pan. Fry the cashew nuts & cardamom pods in it. Add vermicelli and fry until golden brown.

Add this to the Boiling sago. Then add sugar, milk & raisins. Stir for few minutes until the sugar dissolves. Serve hot.


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Parippu Payasam | Green Daal Payasam

Green daal 1/2 cup
Thick coconut milk 1/4 cup
Whole milk 1/4 cup
Sugar 1/4 cup
Ghee 2 tablespoons
Soak the green grams in water overnight. Boil it with water for 20 minutes, until the green gram is cooked(over low heat). Then add whole milk, coconut milk, sugar & cardamom pods. Stir constantly for 10 minutes, until the sugar is dissolved. Add the ghee. Serve hot.

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Fish and Mango Curry


2 lbs. fish, cut into big pieces
1 cup chopped onions
4 medium green chilies, slitted
1 marble size tamarind
1 big raw mango, cut into pieces
Few curry leaves
Salt to taste
Grind into a fine paste:
1 cup chopped coconut
1 tsp. pepper
1 tsp. cumin seeds
1 tbsp. coriander powder
1 pinch turmeric powder
For seasoning:
1 tbsp. oil
1 tsp. fenugreek seeds
1 tsp. aniseeds
Method of Preparation
1. Clean the fish pieces and wash it clearly. Dissolve a pinch of turmeric powder and a pinch of salt in a cup of water and soak the fish pieces to avoid a kind of smell.
2. Soak the tamarind in water and take juice from it. keep it aside.
3. Mix the mango pieces, fish pieces, onions and green chilies in tamarind water with salt. Cook until they become soft.
4. Add the ground items and cook it in low heat until the raw smell has to be gone with the lid on. Season it and add the clean curry leaves.
Let it reach the boiling point and remove it from the heat. Serves: 6
Preparation time: 30 minutes

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Mutton Biriyani


Mutton ½ kg
Onion medium size 6 -chopped finely
Tomato medium size 3- chopped finely
Garlic 2 1/2tab spoons
Ginger 2 1/2tabspoons
Green chilly paste 2 tab spoons
Garam masala powder 1 tablespoon
Yogurt 4tab spoons
Coriander leaves 1 cup
Mint leaves ¾ cup
Ghee ½ cup
Limejuice 4 teaspoons
Chilly powder 1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder ¼ teaspoon
Coriander powder 1 teaspoon
Basmati rice 2 ½ cups.

Method of Preparation
Heat Ghee in a pan. Sauté onions till golden brown. Add garlic-ginger-green chilly paste. Fry for two minutes. Put chopped tomatoes, chilly powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder, mint leaves and coriander leaves into this. Sauté for a few minutes till the masala becomes thick. Add cut and cleaned mutton pieces and stir. Pour little water [if required] and mix. Cook till mutton is done. Add yogurt.

Boil water. Add enough salt, a pinch of turmeric powder, 2 cardamoms, 3 small pieces of cinnamon, 2 cloves, and 1 spoon ghee into this. Cook rice until it is done and drain. Take care the rice not to be sticky.

Heat a vessel. Pour a little of ghee. Put a little of cooked rice and spread 1 teaspoon of limejuice over it. Put one layer of the mutton masala above it and repeat the process till the rice and masala are over. Close the lid tightly and heat on a low flame for about 10 minutes. Mix before serve. Serve with yogurt and cocunut-pudina chutney and pickle.

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Fish Mollie (Fish Molly)


Fleshy fish – 500gms
Onion – 4 nos
Tomato – 3 big
Ginger – 1 inch
Garlic – 10 cloves
Green chillies – 5 nos
Tamarind – 1 lemon size
Coconut – 1
Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
Turmeric – 2 tsp
Chilli powder – 3 tbsp
Coriander powder – 4 tbsp.
Garam masala – 2 tsp
Pepper powder – 2 tsp
Coconut/vegetable oil
Curry leaves – 2 sprigs
Salt To taste

Cut the fish into 1.5inch cubes. Avoid bony fish. Make a paste of 1tsp turmeric, 1 tbsp chilli powder, 1 tbsp coriander powder, 1 tsp pepper powder, salt and juice of 1 lemon or 2 tsp vinegar. Apply it to the cut fish and refrigerate for atleast an hour. This can be done a day before too. Medium fry the fish pieces and keep separately. Chop the onion and tomato into small pieces seperately. Grate the ginger and garlic. Slit the green chillies. Add the tamarind to 1/2 cup water. Extract coconut milk so that you have one cup of thick coconut milk and two cups of thin milk.Take a heavy bottom vessel with lid. Splutter the mustard seeds in 2 tbsp oil. Fry the onion till golden brown. Add the grated ginger and garlic and chillies. Add the tomato and fry till dry. Add the chilli powder, coriander powder, masala and 2tbsp water. Fry till the masala is fried(be careful not to burn it). Add the two cups of thin coconut milk and the tamarind extract and cook covered. When it starts boiling reduce the flame, add salt and the fried fish pieces. Stir carefully so that the fish pieces do not break. Cook covered for 5 minutes in the lowest flame. Turn off the flame. Add the thick coconut milk and stir slowly. Check the salt and spice. Add if necessary. Garnish with curry leaves. A good accompaniment for rice, chapati and bread.

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Kerala fish curry


Fish – 15 Pieces
Chilli powder – 21/2 Tablespoon
Coriander powder – 1 Teaspoon (optional)
Turmeric – A pinch
Ginger ground Two Tablespoon
Garlic – 4 Cloves
Small onion sliced – 10
Curry leaves – 2 Sprig
Kodampuli – 5 Pieces
Oil – 3 Tablespoon
Mustard – ½ Teaspoon
Fenugreek powder – ¼ Teaspoon
Salt To Taste

Method of Preparation

Grind chilli powder, coriander, turmeric, garlic and ½ ginger to a paste. Soak the ‘Kodampuli’ in one cup of water. Heat oil in the pan . Splutter mustard seeds. Fry the cut onions and ginger, when brown add 2 cups of water, salt and soaked Kodampuli together with water. Boil and add fish pieces. Allow it to boil again. Add fenugreek powder and cook till gravy thickens and stir it occasionally. Season it with curry leaves. Remove from fire.

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Kerala Special Kozhi Curry


1. One whole chicken ,cleaned and cut in to curry sized pieces.
2. Coriander leaves [malli illa]- 1whole bunch chopped.
3. Onions-4 sliced.
4. Garlic- 6 cloves sliced.
5. Ginger-1big piece finely chopped.
6. Lime- 1/2 a piece.
7. Coconut-1 fresh grated.
8. Oil & salt to taste.

Grind together to a smooth paste:
12 red chillies, 1&1/2 tbspn of poppy seeds [khus-khus], 2 tbspn of coriander seeds,
1/2 tspn of cumin seeds [jeera],1/2 tspn of turmeric powder or whole turmeric 1 -inch piece, 1 tspn of garam masala [optional] & 6 nos of cashew nuts.

Method of Preparation
1. Soak the grated coconut in 1/4 cup of hot water and extract thick milk.
2. Then add1 glass of hot water and extract the thin milk [2nd milk]. you can use the
mixer and remove the thin milk.
3. Add 1/2 cup of hot water and extract the 3rd milk. Grind and extract.
4. Heat oil and fry the onions ginger, garlic, and coriander leaves.
5. Add the ground masala and fry for few minutes till the raw smell evaporates.
6. Now put the chicken pieces and fry ,cook over a low flame till the chicken is well browned ,stir in the 3rd milk and cook. keep adding the 2nd milk simmer for a while.
[As chicken cooks fast be careful while adding the coconut milk, if you find the water is more in the curry don’t add any more of coconut milk, and keep the lid open and evaporate the water.]
7. After the chicken is cooked, remove from fire. Let there be enough gravy.
8. Finally add lime juice and the first extracted coconut milk. [Never boil after the thick
coconut milk is added]
9. Serve hot with parotta or rice.

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Kachia Moru

Coconut grated 1/2 cup
Ginger small piece
Small onions 3
Garlic 3 pods
Jeera 1/4 teaspoon
Red chilli (dried ones) 3
Turmeric 1/4 teaspoon
Curd or buttermilk 1 litre (fairly thick)
Fenugreek 1/2 teaspoon
Curry leaves (karivepila) one sprig

Grind coconut, garlic, jeera, turmeric, into a fine paste. Mix with the butter milk and add salt to taste. Keep on low fire. Keep stirring till butter milk is fairly warm. Don’t let it boil. Take a pan add oil. When the oil is heated splutter mustard seeds. Add finely chopped onions and ginger. When brown add fenugreek and red chilli. When it splutters add curry leaves. Remove from fire and pour into the butter milk.

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Puli Inchi (Inchimpuli)

Ginger(Inji) 50 Gms
Tamarind (Puli) 100 Gms dissolved in water to make a potion/liquid
Green Chillies 2-3
Mustard seeds 1 tbsp
Bay leaves 2-3
Oil 2-3 tbsps
Red chilli powder and salt as per taste
A pinch of sugar/jaggery if required
Cut ginger lengthwise into slices and again cut them lengthwise to get thin strips of ginger. Boil this ginger in water with green chillies, red chilli powder, salt and some jaggery (All as per taste). Make a potion of tamarind and add it to the boiling water. After boling for about 10 minutes put off the flame. Season the boiled potion, for this, heat 3 tea spoons of coconut oil in a spoon splutter one tea spoon of mustard with bay leaves. Garlic and tomatoes can also be added as per the taste .

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Erucheri (Elissery/ Elesseri)

Plantians 2
Grated fresh coconut 1-1/2 cup
Crushed black pepper 1/4 teaspoon
Turmeric Powder 1 pinch
Salt To taste
Mustard 1/2 teaspoon
Red chilli 1
Urad dal 1/2 teaspoon
Curry leaves for seasoning
Coconut oil 1 tablespoon

Peel plantains and cut into small pieces after slitting length wise into quarters clean the plaintains in turmeric water. Cook with water well above level of plaintains, salt, turmeric and pepper added on low heat until plantains are done. It takes about almost 25 minutes or so. Grind half the fresh coconut and add it to cooked plantains. In a seperate pan heat coconut oil and season with mustard, urad dal, curry leaves and fry remaining grated coconut until reddish brown pour this into the plantains and ericheri is ready.

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